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Care Instructions

Care Instructions for your BUNKS from our lead technical developer:-

Although some fading is expected when exposed to chlorine and sunlight please take the following steps below to help care for your BUNKS :-

- Rinse your BUNKS with fresh water after wear - this helps wash out any potentially harmful chemicals from chlorine or salt water.

- Turn your BUNKS inside out when washing to avoid snagging on other garments and colour fading.

- Use mild detergent that cleans, conditions and removes any salt, chlorine orders or residue to preserve your BUNKS.

- If you use a washing machine, wash at 30 and use a quick 15 minute wash cycle. 

- Avoid tumble drying your BUNKS as this will help prevent any discolouration or fading.

- When hanging up to dry turn your BUNKS inside out to help keep the colours fast. 

- Hang your BUNKS to dry out of direct sunlight to avoid fading and discolouration.

These simple steps can significantly increase the lifespan and appearance of your BUNKS.

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